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April '06

Dazed and Confused

Dazed & Confused Article on Young & Lost

Dazed & Confused article on Young & Lost

Issue 36
April 2006
Music: Young & Lost

''With singles by Vincent Vincent & The Villains going for a few quid on ebay, two young ladies are making label success look easy (ish).''

From early days printing the Pyrrha Girls ''fan -scene,'' which pre-lame Pete Doherty wrote for, teenage indie darlings Nadia Dahlawi and Sara Jade have set up an empire of sorts. Running regular nights at Soho dive the Push Bar, and commandeering the upstairs room of indie uber - club Frog, the pair have put their contacts to good use by setting up their very own singles label, Young & Lost Recordings.

They released their first record in March last year, a double A -side from retro killer - songsmiths Vincent Vincent & the Villains. ''The band were really eager to be the first release on the Young & Lost label, which didn't really exist at the time,'' Sara says. ''That was a really good incentive to get things off the ground.''

The 1,000 - run single sold out almost instantly only to appear on eBay a few weeks later going for three times the price. Class standard debuts from urchin - popsters Larrikin Love, agit - chiming stylings from Good Shoes, and abrasive rocking from Action Plan followed.

''We just look out for good songs,'' says Sara on bands, you can easily see who's got it and who has'nt.''

Money spinning from their offices during daylight hours, working mainly through their rampant myspace page (''it just really reinforces the whole community,'' Sara explains, though we've had lots of weird bands trying to get in touch with us), and record spinning late into the night, one would presume that Nadia and Sara, fresh out of ditching uni to follow their dreams would be constantly knackered. But as Nadia concedes, bright and smiling, ''We do work hard, but then again, it isn't anything we wouldn't be doing anyway.'' Singles from New Moscow, Fear of Flying and Pull Tiger Tail follow later this year.